Saturday, September 1, 2012

Traditional Balinese dinner and dancing!

After our treacherous 5 or 6 hour hike up and down Mt Batur, we came home and rested before our traditional Balinese dinner that was taking place that night. I honestly had no idea what to expect but the hotel staff had convinced us that it was a "must see event." After a solid 5 or 6 hour nap, I awoke around dinner time and joined the others in getting dressed!

The dinner took place by the pool. The hotel staff already had tables set with our RSVP name ready to go. All 11 of us found a seat near our friends and the server arrived to take our drink order. My latest addiction in Indonesia is the pineapple drink. It's simply pure pineapple blended with a large chunk of pineapple and a fun straw to top it off. It was delicious! And so natural. I highly recommend it. Since we paid a 200 000 idr fee (of about 20 US dollars), we had a buffet of traditional Balinese food. However, since living in Indonesia, we are accustomed to smaller portions so getting seconds or even thirds didn't really sound appetizing. If anything, I picked up some extra fruit but that is about it.

Traditional Balinese dinner
Danna and Ben enjoying dinner

Joe and I at dinner

While we were eating poolside, the Balinese music began! They had a small band in the corner with some Balinese men playing the congo drums and other various instruments. It was so relaxing.

Eduardo and I with the musicians
All of a sudden, these women in ornate costumes with extravagant hair and makeup sauntered out front and began dancing. It was so beautiful. Each move was carefully planned out. I could tell they practiced for hours on end.

One of several beautiful costumes the dancers wore that night

The ladies and the Balinese dancers

After sometime, the dancers would randomly select people from the audience to join their dancing. The very first person chosen was an older gentleman. His wife did not know how to react but it was obvious he was having a wonderful time! Three of the other Americans actually joined in on the dancing as well as various Australians that were also staying at the hotel. They were quite entertaining!

After the meal ended, we all basically went to bed. I know, I know.. such grandmas -- but, you TRY hiking a 1700 m volcano at 4 in the morning!

Be on the look out for another entry describing my wild monkey forest adventure in Bali soon!

Until next time..

xoxo amber

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