Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fish Spas in Bali

Well, my friends I suppose I should finish catching you up about our adventures in Bali!

Eduardo and I decided to go for a run one morning around town and check things out. The villa had a gym but they never turn AC on here in Indonesia. I couldn't even find the remote to turn it on. So I put on my Asaics and went for hot morning run. I should have drank more water.

After a good 25 minutes or so, dodging cars and avoiding potholes, we found a small cafe and got some water otherwise known as "mineral water" here. If you say bottled, they will look at you like you're crazy. Oh, and don't forget to specify whether you want it hot or cold. I'm assuming that has something to do with the theories some have about sickness. In certain circumstances, cold drinks are preferred over hot ones depending on the situation in order to rid the body of its "warmth" and vice versa. You would think with sweat running down my face from the 90 something degree heat, the man wouldn't be so silly to ask such a question.. when in actuality, I should not have been surprised when he asked me.

Eduardo and I talked about Indonesia and our experiences in general. It was nice to catch up. I feel like we haven't had a genuine conversation in awhile.

Afterwards, we jogged back to our villas as the Balinese schools were letting the kids out for the day. CHAOS! Many of the kids here walk home in their school uniforms. It's not uncommon to see them walking home barefoot, despite the old roads and trash. Others ride bikes or are picked up on their family motorcycle with mom and their 3 other siblings nuzzled in between them.

School children in Bali

Eduardo, Danna, and I went for a massage a little later that day! Our bodies were sore and desperately in need of full body massages. As we walked along in search of a spa, a man was holding up a sign from across the street and convinced us to come in. The prices were decent but the environment was not nearly as fancy as the one I usually go to in Jakarta. Guess I shouldn't complain though, it's only the equivalence of $10 USD.

As soon as we sat down, the man was all in our personal space -- especially Eduardo's! He had enough, put his hands in the air, and snapped, "Okay, back off." The guy apologized over and over again and took it as an opportunity to bother me instead.

All of a sudden, his hands were on my feet and he was examining them way too close. Ugh. No personal space. No joke, he was looking at my feet as if they were a science experiment or something. Look, I know I was desperately in need of a pedicure but back off, seriously.

Anyway, we signed up for our full body massage. They assumed Eduardo and I were husband and wife and wanted to put us in the same room! Haha! Now remember, a full body massage means you completely strip! There was no way. Quickly realizing their mistake, they moved Eduardo to a separate room. The man followed him and all I could hear was Eduardo saying, "Uh, you're not giving me a massage, right?" It was so funny! He really had had enough of the guy. He was a little too eager to be in Eduardo's presence..

While we got our full body massages, Danna got her first pedicure EVER and was giggling the whole time. I'm still surprised she's never had one before. I'm addicted to them.

On our way out, we saw a 40-something year old Australian couple with their feet in a fish tank! Turns out, this is the fish spa so many people have been telling me about.

The "Fintastic Fish Spa" -- soak feet for 20 minutes as fish nibble off dead skin!

The couple was more than happy to model their feet for me and recommended I try the fish spa sometime. I politely declined, snapped a photo and waved goodbye.

Oh and incase you were wondering..

To my knowledge, the riots have calmed down in South Jakarta for the time being. Since today was a national holiday for the governor's election, I slept in until 1 something in the afternoon with absolutely NO regrets! :)  I ran 3 km on our gym treadmill, watched Tupac documentaries and marked ("graded") papers. I heard police sirens on and off throughout the day but that's about it.

Don't worry, I'll stay safe and not wander too far... rest assured.

xoxo amber 

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