Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Riots in Jakarta

I'm okay. No worries. I was told not to post stuff like this on Facebook because of the so-called "implications" it could have. However, this is happening so pretending like it isn't will not alleviate the situation. It almost irritates me just like 9/11 when our teachers were forced to keep hush about the entire situation that early Tuesday morning. You have a right to know what is going on, and not just from the American point of view. The link below will lead you to an article from the Jakarta Post. The article talks about some riots from Monday, over a video some Americans posted on YouTube. It has offended the Islamic community not only here in Jakarta but in Libya as well. Click the link below.

Jakarta Post

Sometimes I just wish Americans would keep their mouths shut. I know we have the "freedom of speech" but we also need to remember who we might be offending and the lives we might be endangering. And I am guilty of suddenly feeling so concerned about the situation here in Jakarta because I know very well that if I was living back home in the States, I wouldn't even care. But now I do, because I live here.

It's amazing how much my perspective has been altered. You don't realize how much something affects somebody until you're in their shoes.

Until then, the US Embassy has suggested we lay low and avoid going out as much as possible. There's an upcoming election on Thursday and things might get a little out of hand..

Photo from the Jakarta Post article about Monday's protests

I'll keep you guys posted!

xoxo amber


  1. omg...that article is very insightful, esp. since the US is so sheltered from any negative image against us.

  2. Yea I agree. Things have calmed down in Jakarta but not Bali :/