Sunday, September 23, 2012

GRRRReat Work!

I was going to make this blog entry about the comparison between food products here and back in the States but I think I will wait and save that for another time this week. I've been getting some pretty interesting answers on assignments from my students so I thought I would share some of their work. It makes my day so hopefully it will bring a smile to your face as well!

3rd grade (P3) student work...

I must be poor since I live in a flat. (apartment)

Back of an assignment - how sweet! This isn't present continuous though..

Plants are eaten by people which are eaten by sharks 

Class was in HUGE trouble moments before.. and then I discovered this sweet note!

Someone wants an A..

The manta ray lesson begins... please follow directions

Very creative group

Seriously, don't be lazy!

Okay, that's enough!

OH BOY, this was a FUN fable to read to third grade. NOT.

5th grade (P5) student work...

Well, he distinguished them clearly.

Alien.. COME ON

See all the blanks? At least she can admit she's lazy, LOL

On Wednesday, my kids and I get to go on a field trip to a bunch of the museums around Jakarta. I am SURE I will have plenty of stories to share.. be on the look out!

xoxo amber