Thursday, January 24, 2013

When it rains, it pours!

As of Wednesday night, things here in Jakarta have calmed down a little. The flood waters out in front our apartment complex have reduced a lot and is now taxi accessible. However, just 5 minutes up the road and around the corner are more flood waters that have yet to recede. We have been advised to stock up for future flood surprises as meteorologists here have predicted another repeat by the 28th. Now if we could just get paid before then, that would be fabulous..

And now I present to you a brief snapshot of what happens when you live on an island and are affected by 18 inches or more of water in one day. Menikimati!

Empty shelves :(

Flotation device :)

Jakartans making the most of a messy situation

Taken from my view of the bridge
Polisi (police) boats

Family takes residence on bridge

Despite the weather, deadlines must be met (see the flower posters?)


Keeping his belongings dry


Oh, and incase you were wondering. I'm no longer starving or stranded from the grocery store.

xoxo amber

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