Friday, January 18, 2013

It's raining cockroaches

Just a brief update for ya'll. So far, the weather hasn't been too bad at all today. There was some light sprinkling earlier this morning and it did rain on and off last night. However, right now Jakarta Utara (north), specifically the Pluit area is okay. The water is starting to work its way in to our apartment complex drive way but the security guards have now put up these metal gates to help cease the water and any traffic that may bring a bigger mess in.

I was going to go explore the streets but because security was blocking everything off, I found it wise not to stray too far. Hence, the short video below.

Aasha and I went downstairs to the convenience shop for eggs, bread, milk etc. but the shelves were almost wiped out. There wasn't any jugs of water for our dispenser (thank goodness I purchased one just yesterday) and the Pop Mies (instant Ramen Noodle look-alike) were non-existent.

I did manage to buy some caramel popcorn and four cans of beer. #YOLO

Anker > Bintang
For now, it looks like my Friday night will consist of sleeping, watching movies, and skyping with the boyfriend.

And as for the title of this blog entry? Well, rumor has it.. as the rain drops this way, the cockroaches come and play! We already saw two baby cockroaches at the Chinese restaurant downstairs while we were eating.

Ho, ho, ho... this is only the beginning... if I can't get groceries by Monday, I may need to take up one of the Jakartans' offers and allow them to row their way to Carrefour to pick up some food for me. Our local teacher friend Christly has informed us that yes, this service does exist when desperate times call for desperate measures. It sounds shady and probably is but how else am I gonna eat? I need a boat.

xoxo amber


  1. Are they trying to protect you from looters by putting up the gates? Are you allowed to go out of them? (This is Ruthie)

  2. No, not a good place to go swimming or sloshing about in ur rain boots amber. : ) has it stopped raining yet? (Mama)

  3. Ruthie - I have no idea why they have the gates up but they are letting people out now. I think it may be to protect our apartment from all the people wondering the streets. Kind of like a security measure.

    Mom - You're no fun! It drizzles on and off. I have got to brave the rain sooner or later though. We need food, especially if this weather gets worse.

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