Sunday, January 20, 2013

What to expect when you're expecting (a flood)

I have just returned from a successful trip to the local mall (the main grocery store is located in the basement) with a couple of teacher friends.

As our food supply shortened, I became more worrisome. We really were running out of the basics -- eggs, bread, milk, etc. After several failed attempts to contact a SAR (Search and Rescue) boat company, I postponed my shopping until this morning.

I was able to reserve a taxi through Blue Bird, but due to excessive flood waters in Pluit, they soon called and cancelled.

We then met a kind man who offered to take us shopping around noon. So kind. In the mean time, Andrew, Aasha and I decided to go explore the streets in front of Mitra Bahari (our apartment.)

I cringed at the thought of stepping foot into those murky waters, even if it simply meant I would be going from one curb to another in order to reach the bridge. I toughed it up, held my breath, and tried not to think about what waterborne-infested diseases were floating in the water. You'd think I'd be concerned, considering I had recently found out a friend of ours was hospitalized due to a bacterial infection..

I tried not to think about the potential crocodile or anaconda (yes, both have been found in the waters here in Jakarta post-flood) below. The locals were quite entertained. They even offered a ride (to cross curbs, no thanks).

I bravely stepped in, prayed I wouldn't tumble, and tried not to gag as cold, brown water and mosquitoes filled my rain boots. The water was at least knee deep! Probably a bad idea considering all the human filth that was floating in those waters, including human bodies..

Anyway, we made it to the top of the bridge and I took some footage. I've had a hard time shrinking the files, but here's one for you to check out. Hopefully it turns out okay.

Although there is still flooding outside our apartment, we have school tomorrow. There are a few things that I find extremely frustrating about the knee deep water out front.
  • No aerobic, yoga, and cycling classes
  • No 90 minute, $10.00 full body massage
  • No pedicure

It sounds ridiculous but those are my vices.. especially the last two.. :S

Our school transportation has been delayed so we are getting picked up about a half hour later (yay sleep) but our generator is getting turned off between the hours of 5-7 am to save energy as it has been running non-stop. It flickered on and off just a little bit ago. However, I don't understand how turning off the generator during these times in order to "save energy" is really any different from dry weather. Why don't they just turn it off then? Maybe someone can explain that one to me.. 


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  1. Glad you got some food! Thanks for keeping us updated. Sorry about your massage. I would be all about that for $10 !!!