Thursday, May 16, 2013

5.14.2013 -- a day full of JOY!

The other side of the board said: "Stay Young and Gorgeous! YOLO#"

25 years later, here I am. I wish Kevin Moon could have been here to celebrate with me. I know he would have made it a memorable one. Miss and love you.

Kev and I on my 22nd birthday. The world just isn't the same without you in it!

I don't even know where to begin. The day before my birthday, I was warned to bring an extra set of clothes, a towel, shampoo and conditioner. My students know how scatterbrained I can be, so they wrote it down on a piece of paper (out of habit -- God, I love them) so I wouldn't forget.

The BEST chocolate cupcakes from my "RIDICULOUS" Sara!
Fast forward to Tuesday morning. I packed my gym bag with the necessities I was encouraged to remember. Not really knowing what to expect, I took my sweet time going upstairs to the classroom. My students actually insisted upon taking my books and bags upstairs for me and even beat me to the classroom post morning assembly. This never happens. I am always missing at least 2 or 3 students, only to discover them dragging their feet in the hall way every morning.

I was very hesitant to walk into the classroom. I honestly was fearing for my life.

Cute jewelry boxes (and adorable jewelry inside!)
I had this image of just opening the door and having a bucket of water just splash onto my head. I approached the classroom door and noticed they had covered the window with paper. I gently knocked and was greeted by some of my girls!

Kev would have LOVED this gift from my kids

They forced me away from the (dark) classroom and gave me a bag. Well, more like shoved a bag into my hands and said, "Here miss! Go see if it fits!" (A dress!)

My maxi dress from 5 Joy girls
I tried the maxi-dress on (perfect fit!) and walked back to the classroom to see what the little troublemakers were up to. They were being strange..

One of my students suddenly popped her head up from behind a corner and took off running back to the classroom and quickly shut the door.

I showed them the dress and they told me to go back and put on my ugly clothes. LOL

I knew I was in for it now!

I walked back towards my classroom when all of a sudden, all 26 of my fifth grade babies came out with the most beautiful, mouth-watering red velvet cake with a 2-5 candle lit on top! (Who was playing with fire?)

Hello Kitty perfume from Edward

They sang Happy Birthday in the hallway as I walked towards the classroom. I almost cried! I'm sure the other classes heard my kids singing as lessons were going on early in the morning, but hey, I was too in shock to even care.

I walked into the classroom after a million thank you's and was suddenly being pelted by water balloons! I could tell the boys were wanting to do this all year. Too bad they didn't throw 'em hard enough.

I grabbed one and went after them! I got one when suddenly I felt a cold chill go down my back. One of my students had so quietly snuck up behind me and squeezed every ounce of water out of the balloon, into my hair.

I shrieked. Turned around and had FLOUR thrown on to me! Turns out I was to consider myself fortunate as they forgot the eggs. -____________-

Vanessa delighting in my torture
A human cake. That's what I was. I smelled like a bakery the rest of the day.

I looked around me and saw post-its with individual notes of appreciation from each student. A birthday poster, streamers, and balloons were attached to the wall.

Presents were given to me from every direction. Earrings. Rings. Gold bangles. Five novels. Nat Geo Encyclopedia. (For my "inner nerd" as they so bluntly put it) Candy. Hair accessories. Nike shoes. Mango bath set. Cupcakes. Noodles (class party apparently).

Welp, there went the lesson plans.

We celebrated! I spent the first 20 minutes opening up the most ridiculous package. I swear the kid used an entire roll of clear boxing tape. I was instructed to open it with only my hands. No scissors ("cannot miss"). Only to discover the wimpiest little piece of candy inside. (It's okay. I can say that. It's Jacky's humor.)

I almost chased him out of the room. I worked up SUCH a sweat trying to open that little sucker..

Here are some pictures my P5 Joy classroom birthday party. I asked the kids if they normally do this for their teachers and you know what they said? No. They told me that sometimes they might bring in a cake or cupcakes but never anything as extravagant as what I experienced.

I asked them why. Honestly, I can be so mean to them (I think so). But they said it's because I'm "nice" and "make learning fun." That warmed my heart more than any of the gifts they gave to me. I felt especially grateful for all the books they got me!

Not only can I add them to our classroom library, but it just comes to show how evident my "love for reading" is to these kids. I think that's one of the most important things a teacher can do. Don't just preach something. Model it. Show them how important and cool something can be. Guess that's why I'm giving a talk on "Motivating Reluctant Readers" in July at the annual 2013-2014 BBS Teachers' Conference in July. ;)

I have been trying to wear or use as many of the gifts this week as I can but there just aren't enough days in the week! I loved that Livia got me these adorable Nikes. They match perfectly with my school uniform. Blogger is being painstakingly slow. So birthday part 2 with 3rd grade will get posted this weekend sometime. xoxo amber


What was I supposed to do?

Birthday wish from every kid

My new bling (and diamond studded headband)

New kicks

<3 them

5th grade

Red velvet cake

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