Friday, November 9, 2012

Rest in Peace Kevin J. Moon, Jr.

July 27, 1985 - November 7, 2012

Photo credit to Kev's younger sister Christine who writes..

Your probably chillin up on the moon lookin down at me right now. Rest In Peace to the strongest, smartest man I know... my brother, Kevin John Moon Jr. You lived a remarkable life bro, one that inspired me and others greatly. You are my hero. I will cherish you forever in my heart and always treasure your memories. I love you sooo much and I miss you dearly already. I will live my life the best I can for you... I won't let ya down. I know your happy and safe in God's arms. I love you Kev.

Day-by-day, as we sat by his side,
We saw a strong boy, who only once cried,
With the cancer consuming him hour by hour,

He rose through the darkness like a bright, shining tower,
Perhaps he found faith in a much higher power?
He lived his life sharing his love with all,
And did nothing of his own to deserve this fall,
So as we pondered on what might be God’s plan,
For taking so early this wonderful man,
We realized the Lord must have a cause,
For others he touched to exam their flaws,
And learn from Kevin how to treat one another,
To be remembered forever, our loving son and brother. -- Kevin Moon, Sr.

I wish all of my blog readers had the opportunity to meet Kevin.. there will only be one Kevin Moon.. he was something special.. and the more and more I think about it.. the more I realize maybe he was here to teach us all that we need to embrace our individuality. Instead of trying to change people into something they're not.. love them for who they are. He touched a lot of hearts and will forever be missed.

I'm so glad my last words were I love you Kevin.. and he said he loved me, too! Always tell the ones you care about how much they mean to you.. you never know when you'll have to say goodbye.

You can bet we will be having a Chili's Reunion in December at TGI Friday's to celebrate Kev.. and we'll make sure to order his favorite drinks and send CHEERS to him! (Yager, Blue Moon, and Mojitos.. in case you were wondering).

Kev always had the most creative costumes! Halloween and GMX were his favorite two events of the year.. he was such a dork, and we loved him for it.

I know that death is part of life.. and one day I too will pass away but for now, I will cherish the times I have with my family and friends! Enjoy every moment, guys. High school seems just like it was yesterday, when in reality it was 8 years ago. Kev was very special to all of us, especially me.. so thank you for taking the time to read this post and remember him! Please keep his family and friends in your prayers.  xoxo amber

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