Sunday, November 11, 2012

Luke 3:22

Kev's step-dad posted this update today on Facebook :)
Kevin accepted Jesus shortly before slipping in to consciousness. How amazing is God? All I could pray was that, if anything, Kev would be shown the greatness of our Father and have mercy placed upon his soul. And he did. I am so at peace.

Thank you for all your prayers. I just had a dream about Kev, and in it me and all his old friends were at this bar with plans to drink. But we were all so sleepy and sad that we wouldn't do it. We all just kind of sat stunned in silence and put our heads down. 

And suddenly, Kev was there.. watching us at a table as he stood by himself. He made some comment to me about how it was okay if I copy and pasted some of his poems onto my blog. He had his typical blunt attitude, "I don't care. They're not copyrighted or anything." All I could do was smile. I mean, here I've been the past week or so absolutely devastated about your death and that's the only words you utter to me? I love him. After that, I went and got some drinks and we had a great time. It was like this weight was lifted off my shoulders. I was filled with so much happiness. I could laugh again! Anyway, Kev was quite talented, especially with his writing and poetry. Here's one of my favorites that he recently uploaded to Facebook shortly before slipping into unconsciousness. And apparently I have permission to upload, compliments of Kev ;) Enjoy. xoxo, amber

"A Matter of Opinion"

Sometimes life just seems like a matter of opinion.
You can hate it, love it, live it, lose it,
spend it, save it, adore it, abuse it.
We all value life differently,
and that is as certain as the differences in our opinions.
These values aren't equal.
We listen to our own with highest regard.
Can it be that all lives aren't equal?
Not as a whole, and certainly not to eachother?
Really, who's the better?
The giver or the taker?
Should we ascertain the divine right of kings?
I'm standing firm as the god of my own mind.
Right here.
Right now.
I'll make my own mistakes.
For better or for worse.
Till death do I depart

-- Kevin Moon, Jr.

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