Monday, June 18, 2012

Greetings from Hong Kong :)

Well we've landed in Hong Kong! I'll have to blog about our adventure later but here are some pictures. We've got to get moving. We just finished up our breakfast at the airport and have to head to the gate! Update you guys later!

our itty bitty beds.. seriously, could they be any smaller or any closer!

I had no idea Best Western was international

Our cute little taxi - the driver is on the right side

My breakfast from McDonald's.. that's a "large" orange juice -__-

This one is for you mom!

The flush was on top.. I'm just glad they had Western toilets

Another shot of our room and our chandelier, lol

One of the many views from our hotel room on the 32nd floor

Our red TV that definitely clashed with the color scheme

Another view from the hotel - they had fields in the middle of the city, so strange

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