Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saying goodbye :(

It's so hard to believe I leave tomorrow afternoon! The past couple weeks have just absolutely flown by. At first I felt bad for dipping out so early from Tennessee, but the more I think about it, the more I realize it was probably better I left when I did. If anything, I lingered around in Knoxville.. a place that has become my home the past 6 years. I remember moving into the dorms! And driving away from 40-East was definitely hard. I have made so many friends that have really become family and I will miss Knoxville. It's been good to me. I'll definitely be back for a football game in a couple of years! I'll never forget Rocky Top and all the sweet memories and good times. It's been quite a ride if I do say so myself.

Me and Brittany went to Gurnee Mills Mall today and jumped in the photo booth. We were meaning to when she came up and went to Atlanta over the weekend but we all got distracted with other things going on. Anyway, since we were missing the other part of the trio (Ashley), we tried cropping her in by drawing her face on a napkin. Check out the pic below. Dumb and dumber pretty much sums up our friendship :)

Me and my little brother Nathan at dinner tonight in Kenosha ~ I'm gonna miss this guy!

Well folks, the next time I blog I will probably be in Hong Kong with Nicole, Andrew, and Eduardo! Wish us luck! I bought a Cantonese phrase book...

xox amber


  1. welcome to the city you're in- doesn't look so third world from what I can see, honey..!:)

  2. oh you just wait until i post the pics!!! it's really sad how some people live and how corrupt this place really is

  3. Once i'd seen from reading the detailed report of yours how they live,their methods of transportation and what they see of you, it does kinda makes us compare or perhaps look-in-the-mirror ourselves from a 1st world perspective. Hopefully, they're won't be as many,say, spiders as there are roachies, God bless our Jakartan brothers n sisters plus children for how they live there..BTW, that your mailing address @ the end of each blog? And would you be able to get your mail or the 'clothes' you left here quickly or effectively--Efficiently might be another way to word it, ya, Dad..

    1. My email address is

      I'm not sure what address is popping up at the end of each blog, I'll have to check it out. Yeah, I feel so bad for the poor here. It's so unfortunate.. the government is so incredibly corrupt, I'll have to talk about it in another post..

      And when are you sending my clothes? LOL

      love you

  4. Boy--U weren't kidding, honey- in fact i wouldn't tolerate any Jakartan jokes of any kind @ this point. May they be an inspiration on living life and keep going toward making a better one..!!