Saturday, May 10, 2014

Malaysia Bird Park

The Malaysia Bird Park was such a cool experience. It was probably one of my favorite places to visit besides the Batu Caves. Ryan is great and all because he was definitely not up for it at first with his allergies. However, I managed to persuade him and because he's a gentleman, we got to go!

The Bird Park in Malaysia is well-kept and the animals are taken care of. They are free to roam the grounds as they please. I loved that they were not in tight cages. If they were isolated from other birds, they were still placed in a large environment resembling their natural habitat. Those that were isolated had to be for their own protection (or for that of the other birds.) Peacocks walked through the park at their own pace, checking out the visitors and nibbling on plants when they got the chance. Birds that fly are contained within the grounds with a large netting that covers the entire park. They had scheduled feedings that you could attend if you so desired. We watched one worker feed the eagles. They would just soar to their food and grab it mid-flight.

It was common to see workers place various fruit on tree branches for the birds

Wristbands :)

The netting to contain the birds


This lil guy was handsome!

He was not going to share with anyone

I love the outdoors and being surrounded by animals. I have always found them so fascinating but have a hard time appreciating and/or supporting businesses that do not take care of their animals properly. However, the Bird Park did a wonderful job and has been recognized for its excellent maintaining of its grounds and animals. I highly recommend you go if you ever get the chance. It's very family friendly too.

Some of my favorite sightings at the Bird Park were the ostriches and the Scarlet Ibis (Ryan's favorite too).

Scarlet Ibis

Hanging out with one of the ostriches

The ostrich you see in the picture above was a pretty interesting fellow. He had this obsession with digging his rather large beak in the wet mound of dirt and then would bite at the fence to remove the dirt. I'm not sure if that's a cleaning method (or even common with this species) but it was quite strange.. yet entertaining to watch all the same.

Going at it with the dirt!

Here are a few more pics of some of the interesting sights we saw.

Would LOVE to find out the name of this interesting plant!

Such a cutie!

It's sad that this even has to mentioned..

Who advertizes CHICKEN.. at a bird park exit?!

Overall, it was a nice little adventure. The gift shop had some pretty neat things, too! I got my mom a funny t-shirt and a magnet that resembled her obnoxious pet parrot, Marley. If you ever go to the Bird Park, I definitely recommend you check the weather. It started to pour and that was frustrating because naturally, some of the birds went into hiding. It was still a great little adventure if you want to get some fresh air and escape the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lampur (KL)!

xoxo amber

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