Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dua Lima (part II)

Dua lima means 25 in Bahasa (Indonesia). Well, it literally means "two five" but if you wanted to say "twenty-five" then you would say "dua puluh lima" (which comes from 2 ten five). Just in case you were wondering... ;)

"You are my favourite teacher"

So much love

 The last half of my birthday was just as fun as the first half! After taking a break (and washing sticky flour out of my hair), I headed downstairs to my 3rd graders for 2 hours of English. As soon as I approached the door, they told me to wait outside -- 27 third graders in a classroom for 5 minutes? Scary.

My wild third grade students

I walked in to a dark classroom with kids throwing pieces of Styrofoam and confetti (teacher's worst nightmare, mind you) in the air. The students then sang Happy Birthday to me and the other little girl in class who happens to share the same birthday with me!

One of my favorite cards

The whiteboard was decorated with lots of sweet Happy Birthday cards. My desk was covered in various gifts (mostly homemade -- the best!) The kids had re-arranged the desks so that there was a bit of a runway for the P3 Faith Girls' Fashion Show! I eagerly got my ticket and sat in my seat. The girls came in, modeling various heels and ridiculous shirts. They were adorable. I filmed some of it.

The boys then put on a small comedic act which was absolutely adorable. They had the little girls giggling with their humor. Finally, they served a delicious fruit birthday cake along with a pudding snack.

Loved the kiwi!

But the best part about my birthday? These beautiful roses from a special someone back home. ;)

Ryan's the best :)

What a wonderful day! I have felt very blessed to have such a first great year at BBS. I can't wait until next year!

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