Friday, October 26, 2012

No Big Deal

So I thought I would share some pictures with you guys that I have acquired over the past five months while living in Indonesia. This place is quite interesting and now days, many unusual sights do not seem to phase me anymore. I still thought you guys might find these interesting. I like to call these.. "No Big Deal" moments.


Little boys catching a ride somewhere

Construction. No helmets. No safety signs. No shoes. Just flimsy wood.

No matter how big your vehicle, you can fit

Motorbike nuzzled in between

Save gas. Pile as much as possible onto your motorbike.

Locals just hanging out beside a high way

He's not looking for food. Just crossing the road.

Family friendly transportation. Baseball caps are sufficient for young riders

Typos such as "Reccommended Phone"

Helmets. So we can be safe!

Angry Birds

*scary* Mannequins

People who pump your gas for you


Shoplifter wanted ads

Shopping malls (this is small compared to others)

Rainbow cake -- delicious

Becak (BEH-CHAWK) Up to two people can ride up front as he transports them

Street vendor -- one of many

Tomorrow we leave for Pulau Seribu (POO-LAOW SAH-REE-BOO) aka "Thousand Islands" in the morning for a couple of days doing some biking, snorkeling, boat riding, and exploring. 

Write soon!

xoxo amber