Saturday, October 20, 2012

I'm safe!

Earthquake damage in Maluku

Earthquake Details

There was no earthquake in Jakarta, since we're on the island of Java. There was one in the eastern part of Indonesia in the province of Maluku earlier this month. I had posted a short blog update but blogger decided to act funny so here I am simply editing the post.

Anyway, thanks to all of those who did for checking in! It's been quite a busy and interesting month or so abroad.. I sure have some things to share with you. (Just not tonight!)

New posts coming soon :)
  • Binders full of women -- totally kidding.
  • Girls' Trip (+ Eduardo) to Bandung
  • Perspective taking 
  • Candid shots of locals in Indonesia
    • with some stories..
  • My latest vocabulary improvement (and lessons learned..) in Bahasa
  • Student quotes/stories/gifts :)
  • I'm not smarter than a 1st grader (in Asia)
  • My first personal trainer
  • Appreciating the life that you have..
Me and a couple other girls are headed out tonight to an area called Kamung, which is in South Jakarta.. and it's WELL-KNOWN for its expats! Let's hope there's some attractive men. Wink Wink. ;)

Blog updates coming soon, I promise!

xoxo amber

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